Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recent Projects

I've had a great time recently working on a variety of graphics projects.  I enjoyed creating a cover for author Tommie Lyn's novel, On Berryhill Road. This story is set in Milton, Florida -- Berryhill Road is a well-known thoroughfare in that community -- and it's the favorite Lyn novel for residents of the area.

On Berryhill Road at      Tommie Lyn Writes    Tommie Lyn on Facebook


I'm also very pleased with the this animated leaderboard banner ad turned out for author Marlene Dotterer.  Her beautiful book cover for Shipbuilder provided elements for the frames -- and makes a great teaser for what sounds like a fascinating story.  Gotta put this one on my To-Be-Read list, for sure.  Here's a scaled-down version of her leaderboard ad.

Shipbuilder at            Marlene's Blog        Marlene's Facebook Page


Here's another enjoyable project completed a few weeks ago -- a fast-paced video trailer for author David Rollison's political thriller/action adventure novel, The Black Dagger.  This is one novel of a series featuring DHS Agent Mike Kelly -- with elements straight out of today's headlines.

The Black Dagger at        David's Website      David's Facebook Page


Last year, I did several book covers for novelist Gordon Ryan and I was so pleased when he ordered not two sets of Facebook graphics for his author page.  He makes the book covers on the Welcome screen into clickable links, which takes the visitor to the book's Amazon page.  Cool!

Gordon's Website         Gordon's Facebook Page       Gordon's Page at

I've had a great time working on these projects and these authors have been wonderful to work with.  Thanks for the orders, everyone, and best of luck with your book sales!